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NEW LOCATION:   We're are back at our original site: Sandwich High School!

 From 2012 to 2016 we swam the JDM1HS at the Cape Cod YMCA.  However we now have the opportunity to go back to Sandwich High School the original host site for the 1 hour swim. Although Jeff was a swimmer and supporter of both programs (Sandwich Masters & CC YMCA Masters) neither pool could completely claim him as their own.  His generous spirit and good nature touched us all and it is with that sentiment that we honor Jeff' by memorializing this (his) swim!  For many years it was at his behest that we would even consider doing this otherwise gruelling event.  Our purpose is now three-fold. In that we wish to memorialize our long time friend and fellow swimmer Jeff Dropo.  Secondly our purpose is to set this reasonably hard goal and once completed one is left better off from having pushed themselves out of their comfort zone.  And thirdly we have a spiritual benefit and purpose in that the monies raised go to our wonderful and needy charity - Athletes Direction. So that completes the three-fold goals! All thanks to Jeff!